Access to Opportunity:  Place, Poverty, and Social Service Provision in the U.S.  
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The University of Chicago Magazine - On the line. September-October 2009. Using arguments and findings in Out of Reach, this article highlights how agencies in Chicago that serve the poor have been affected by the recession.

The Wall Street Journal - Homeward Rebound: Weathering the Storm with Kin. April 7, 2009. Consistent with findings in Out of Reach, this article discusses challenges that working poor families are facing and the limitations of the safety net.

The Washington Post - Government Cutbacks Leave Faith-based Services Hurting. February 20, 2009. Find additional studies examining the role and funding of faith-based nonprofit service organizations at my Research Papers and Reports link.

The New York Times - Credit Crisis Is Leaving Charities Low on Cash. January 23, 2009. Findings from Out of Reach are mentioned in this New York Times article. Studying the fiscal health of nonprofit social service providers in three cities - Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington DC, I find that that nearly 75 percent of social service non-profits receive some type of government funding, and that half of those nonprofits are dependent on those funds for at least half of their budgets.

The University of Chicago Chronicle - An economic downturn impacts social servicesí ability to aid poor. December 11, 2008

Chronicle of Philanthropy - New Books Discussion: When Help Is Not Just Around the Corner, by Cassie J. Moore. December 11, 2008

UPI Business: "As Need Rises, Services for Poor May Fall." December 3, 2008

University of Chicago News Service: "Agencies Serving the Poor Face Increased Problems as Economy Worsens." December 2, 2008

West Coast Poverty Center Spotlight. December 2008


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